Thursday, June 12, 2014

Landry Photo 1, Final, Fall 2014

My most memorable experience during this semester is most likely when I went out to capture the photographs on the water. I drove out to many different places in Casco Bay to take the photos and focused mainly on historical objects such as remnants from WWII. One time I cautiously drove right up to an oil tanker at anchor off of Little Chebeague to capture the size of it compared to the water. Taking pictures of marine wildlife such as lobsters, crabs, seals and birds is another great part of this semester as I was able to get very good images of them. All in all, I enjoyed taking photographs this semester and will make sure that they are all backed up so I can look at them in the years to come.

The assignment that I'm most proud of is the free choice one. I went out early Saturday morning to make sure the tide was right so I could go on an island without being constrained by the shifting tides. I ventured out past Chebeague towards the open ocean and took a left and landed myself at Sand Island where I got to photograph all kinds of ducks. I didn't stay long as the birds' were nesting there and weren't too happy I was near them. I went back the way I came between Chebeague and Long Islands and dropped my anchor at Little Chebeague and waded in. I found many old cottages falling down and overgrown with bittersweet which angered me that the invasive vines had taken so much control over the place. I finally came back to Littlejohn and photographed the interesting boat traffic.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Culture Clash

Culture Clash


  • To create a Clash of Cultures by creating your own Photo montage, combining images from Beijing, China and Yarmouth, Maine, USA;

  • To further develop your Photoshop knowledge and skills;
  • To create a “surreal” landscape by montaging a variety of photographs;
To know, use, and understand the Four Collage Techniques to in your Photo Montage: Juxtaposition/fragmentation, Point of View, Scale Change, Overlapping

I found that I was very successful at getting all of the objects to blend and fit together on the background. By zooming in close and using the very fine eraser, I could create an almost perfect object. Another success I found was that by adjusting different levels and colors I could really express the vibrance of the background. Finally, it got easier to manipulate the objects as I did it over and over again. Although selecting the layers was a bit of a challenge due to the many features and options Photoshop has in it.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Robert Capa, Famous Photographer's Movie

"This is a link to my Famous Photographer's Movie, "Robert Capa"

"Interests" Chris

I heard a loud rumble coming from Portland and I looked up and saw a massive oil tanker going right through Hussey Sound. The ship came from Norway and was over 900 feet long! It was carrying crude oil from the Middle East and traveled all the way across the Atlantic. The ship dropped it's massive anchor and I saw through binoculars the Harbor Pilot climb down onto the pilot boat.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

"Food", Landry

When I took this photograph I could smell the hot dogs and heard the bubbling of the water on the stove. The package of hot dogs were frozen and very cold and the hot dogs split as they hit the boiling water. The package was bought for cooking over a fire but there was nothing to eat so I opened it up.

Monday, March 31, 2014


I took this photo in my room at night with my bedside lamp as a light source. I got the idea to do this because I always saw how the light from that lamp made shadows. The photo was taken after I came inside and took my gloves off so I thought it would make a good shadow.


I chose this picture because it is my favorite photo we took. I think it is a good self image of Ethan and I because we were looking towards the camera but were not in front of it. This creates a sense of the camera as a focal point we are focused on.